Debunking Common Myths About Commercial Mannequins

Urban retail is seeing huge growth in their sales with the installation of mannequins at their storefronts. There might be a multitude of reasons behind it but what is most worrying are the myths that are circulating in the market around the mannequins. These are hindering more potential retailers to use them and feeling the beneficial changes. Here are some of the myths listed that we want to debunk right now.

Mannequin parts are immovable

Most of the mannequins are either made up of fiberglass, or something similar. This makes it impossible for them to be bendable or posable into different forms. But there are most of the movable mannequins whose limbs can be moved back and forth and their posture can be adjusted as per need. Their position needs to be adjusted on the stand; else they might have a fall. Not all mannequins have this feature and you must verify their features before buying any.

Mannequin parts are not interchangeable

Mannequins are mostly made in large batches where everything is identical in them. So if the retailer is buying multiple similar models at a go, they can use it however they want. They can also interchange their limbs whenever they want or replace them with something else. Also, if any issues are arising with the existing parts, the retailer can right away contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement. They are easily available everywhere and this myth does not hold anymore in today’s date.

Mannequins are not easy to dress

This is a myth that you should not fall prey to. Mannequins are made with the ultimate purpose of displaying garments flawlessly on them. If you are unable to dress them easily, the whole purpose of merchandising remains unsolved. The mannequins are built in a way that their limbs and other parts can be detached from the body. Once this is done, it becomes far easier to clad the garments on them, just the way the retailers want it to.

Mannequins are just for clothing retails

Today, mannequins have walked past the purpose of just serving the visual aid to the garment sections. Now, almost every apparel and accessory section needs a mannequin. Their roles have been redefined and their usage has broadened. So no matter it is a garment store or a jewelry shop, mannequins fit the purpose perfectly.

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