Different Designs, Locations, and Types for Custom Composite Decks 

If you wish to build a deck from composite materials or wood, the idea is to think about a design that will provide you everything you ever wanted. Of course, the design also depends on the size and other factors such as location compared with your household.

It is important to check here so that you can understand the best ideas that will help you make up your mind. 

In case you have a large backyard, it is crucial to determine where you should place it. On the other hand, for small properties, it is not challenging to choose because you need to get creative so that you can create something that will stand out from the rest.

Therefore, for people that have small yards, they can add patios on these areas:

  • On unused driveway
  • In the unused side yard
  • Over a garage
  • Against the slope or hill
  • In the front yard

Let us see the different options that you can choose, depending on the factors we have mentioned above.


  • Attached 


The first thing that you can consider is to implement an attached deck that resembles the patio, except it features wood composite or wood decking materials. It is raised when compared with patios.

The best places where you can attach it are at the back of your household, especially if you have a U-shaped or L-shaped house. 

We recommend you to visualize before you decide anything because a deck can be a bridge that will connect your exterior with both parts of the L-shaped household.

Remember that deck is an additional living area, which is an outdoor space that you can use depending on your preferences. 

Therefore, you should use overhead or roof as the place where you will get shade during the sunny days, which will make the deck much more convenient when it comes to having a living area.


  • Island or Detached 


Instead of using the attached or custom decks, which is generally connected to the household, the idea is that you will be able to place it anywhere you want on your property and create added access, including steps or paths. 

That way, you will make it stand alone, similarly as an island. When compared with concrete patio, that requires even and smooth surface, a detached deck is more versatile and adaptable so you will be able to place in bumpy areas with low drainage, and even rough terrain.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to detached decks is a peninsula-style ones that connects with patio, house or other areas with proper walkaway.


  • Wraparound


Even though it resembles the old-fashioned porch, the idea is that you can make it more uneven, more substantial, and room-like. Of course, you will get a slightly elevated solution which is famous all across the globe.

You can follow both shade and sun, depending on your preferences. You will also be able to extend the living area of your household, which is another reason for its immersive popularity.

Finally, you can create additional air circulation inside your house as soon as you open the doors, which is a perfect addition that will prevent you from turning on the AC.


  • Multi-Level


You can also choose a multi-level solution, which is the perfect solution for large properties that have uneven surfaces that change in elevation along the way. They are different decks that use various levels that are connected by paths or steps, depending on your preferences.

Everything depends on the terrain that surrounds you because if you have plenty of slopes, hills, and rocky landscaping, it means that you will have to implement a raised wooden one that will allow you to enjoy all the way.

We recommend you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkvKO8GchyE so that you can understand the process of building it with ease. 

It is much more affordable than implementing a patio that will require a significant amount of concrete. Instead of paying a high price tag for concrete and everything that goes with it, you should implement a deck over the rocky and slop area so that you can enjoy your yard.


  • Side-Yard


You can also use the side yard so that you can implement the deck for your particular situation. The idea is to make it usable, especially since most people tend to neglect it and use it as space for the dog to run.

You can implement a private one that will connect with the kitchen, dining room, or master bedroom so that you can enjoy all the way. 

It is the opposite of the one that you would use for parties because this particular one is a peaceful getaway without leaving your household.