GE2020 Updates: Nomination Day in Singapore 2020

The nomination day in Singapore was on 30th of June. Various updates have been coming from the Election Department Singapore and the government, which the citizens will have to know about.

COVID 19 Precautions at all Levels

The Singapore polling day 2020 will be different from the others, given that the world is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety Measures and precautions will be taken at all levels.

For starters, this year won’t see mass rallies or crowd gatherings. Instead, political parties will be taking the help of Internet Marketing for election campaigns. Furthermore, each candidate will be given airtime in a National Television, which will help them explain their agendas and vision without having to gather people. 

In the day of elections, people will only be allowed into the polling station after a temperature screening. They will need to wear masks and sanitize their hands before wearing disposable gloves to receive and drop the ballot paper.

The number of polling stations has increased to decrease the crowd size, and Singaporeans at Stay Home Notice can also vote in special voting stations.

Singaporeans Outside Singapore Can Vote too

The voting day is a Singapore Public Holiday. After all, voting is one of the fundamental rights of a citizen.

So, the Elections Department has tried its best to help as much Singaporeans as it can to help them realize the rights of voting. They have set up ten polling stations outside the city-state, located in different parts of the world, including the USA, UAE, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the UK.

To vote, Singaporeans abroad should have registered a Singaporean local address with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. They should also have resided in Singapore for at least thirty days in the last three years.

How Many Seats are Up for Grab?

Members from 11 political parties will contest for 93 seats, as they head to the registration centers in 9 places around Singapore. The 24 hours before the election is taken as a Cooling Period, where political parties can’t conduct any electoral campaigns, giving people a chance for final considerations of their voting decision.