Getting the Right Temperature Controlled Packaging


Looking for temperature-controlled storage solutions? Storing and transporting temperature sensitive goods is a sensitive process, with even the slightest miscalculation resulting in damage or spoilage of your goods, highlighting how important it is to choose the right temperature packaging for your unique requirements.

With many temperature packaging options available, knowing which is the best one for your situation can be difficult. There are many considerations that must be made to make sure that you choose the right packaging for the safe storage and transportation of your goods. Check some of them out below:

Package Requirements

Package requirements differ from each company, so think about what you need from the packaging itself. Does it need to be reusable or one-use? What capacity does the packaging require? Does the packaging need to be flexible or rigid?

With so many types of packaging available it helps to know what you require from your packaging.

Shipping Requirements

How frequently are you shipping the packages? Are they travelling long or short distances? You want to think about the shipping methods you use and what type of packaging accommodates them most.

For example, if you ship large quantities in bulk, then temperature-controlled pallets are a great solution. These provide excellent temperature-controlled environments for larger bulk items, even over long-distance transit.

Storage Temperature

Different products require different storage temperatures, so consider what your overall storage temperature requirements are and whether the packaging accommodates this. For example, do you need to freeze the products or simply keep them cool? Is a variable temperature range required due to you shipping different products?

In any case, having a form of temperature monitoring on the package is recommended. For example, you can simply apply labels indicating the temperatures for more basic storage and shipping requirements, while data loggers can be used to track on-going temperatures during long-distance transportation.

Storage Duration

Temperature packaging has different storage durations, so think about how long the goods are being stored for to ensure you choose suitable packaging. For instance, if you’re shipping domestically then you may only need temperature duration to be around 24-48 hours, while long-distance shipping likely needs a minimum of 120 hours for safe transportation.

The last thing you want is for the products to be stored for longer than the packaging can maintain the temperature, otherwise you’re facing damaged or spoiled goods that will lower your bottom line.