How is the shipping cost determined?

When you enter a FedEx location to drop your parcel which you want to be shipped to a desired location on the other side of the world, you are provided with different shipping options and each one has a distinct price point. However, how are those prices marked? Well, the shipping companies online provide you with a price calculator which helps you to calculate the accurate price of shipping a parcel to any destination around the world. However, there are certain factors which determine the fedex service fee [fedex ค่า บริการ, which is the term in Thai]. They are mentioned below:

Size of the shipment

The package size is a major determining factor to calculate your shipping cost. As a general rule, the bigger your parcel is, the more it will cost to ship it.

How much is the weight of your shipment?

Apart from the size of the package, weight place a major role in calculating your shipping cost. Heavier packages are tagged with higher prices. Hence, you should pack strategically. Do not make it heavier than required with stuffing too much padding.

Speed of delivery

FedEx is widely known for its overnight and one-day delivery services, but if you have more time, then you can also choose the standard delivery options too. Even when you choose the most affordable options, you will still be provided with fastest delivery services. So, just explore the delivery details and choose the one as per your need and budget.

Customization of your shipment

FedEx offers several standard shipment features which include package tracking as well one-day delivery, time-definite delivery. And, apart from this, it also provides add-ons on packaging, signature service as well as several delivery times. You can go through the shipping services of the company to know the best options for your shipment to experience best delivery services.

Saving tips

FedEx provides you with plethora of options to customize the service as per your need and preference. There are several shipping options to meet your requirement. You have a few ways to save on your courier like using complimentary shipping boxes from the FedEx Express deliveries or getting rid of residential delivery costs by getting your package help at one of the pick locations close to you, along with pharmacies or grocery stores.

Ground fee and charged incurred on your shipment

Your shipment may be applied with standard fees too. However, you can choose them from the list available online which may be applied to your package. There is an explanation provided for every charge you are being charged with.

Delivery area surcharges

A delivery area surcharge is majorly applied to shipments parcelled to US Zip codes. You can know about these charges from the online PDF given on the official website of FedEx.

International deliveries and the surcharges involved

FedEx International shipments deliver packages to remote locations and less accessible destinations at a small surcharge. Find out the price by typing the postal codes and city names and know the cost details.