How to buy the best lab made diamond engagement ring for your bride?

The majority of the customers get confused between real and manmade diamonds. Are they even real? Yes! Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are the same as they exhibit the same kind of physical and chemical properties. They are as incredible as their natural counterparts. They just differ in the way in which they’ve been produced. Man made diamond rings are not only a sustainable choice but also affordable than mined diamonds.

Often when buying diamond rings, people get confused between natural diamonds and diamond simulants. A diamond simulant looks similar to that of a diamond because of its similar gemology features. You might face problems especially if you are buying diamonds for the first time. Also, industry experts cannot easily differentiate between man-made diamonds and mined diamonds with their naked eyes, so it’s quite natural for you to get confused. However, in this article, you’ll get some of the best tips that you should follow before buying lab-made engagement rings.

  • Set a budget– Budget is something that you need to prepare before making an important purchase. Similarly, when buying diamonds, you should be mindful of the budget. Though diamond is a symbol of life, you should never step out of your boundary. To fix a realistic budget, you need to know the price of the lab-grown rings. Remember that cost of mined diamonds is far more expensive than lab-grown diamonds.
  • Know the 4C’s– The visual presence of the ring would be determined by the 4Cs i.e. Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. The carat weight will determine the cost of your lab made ring. Besides knowing the 4C’s, you also need to know some of the other essential things which include- polish, symmetry, fluorescence, proportions, and depth.
  • Decide the shape– The first thing that you need to decide is the shape that you’re willing to buy. It is only after that the other essential elements of the ring will be determined. This is because there are few shapes that complement well with particular gemstone shapes. The other specifications can be determined once you establish the shape.
  • Style– The preference of your new bride will influence the decision of choosing the shape. Your better half might love round stones with simple band settings or she might be affectionate about bold princess cut stone. If you’re not sure, check out with her close friends and family members who know her taste and preference. However, if nothing works here, simply go for solitaire style. Refer to this lab created diamonds blog to choose your style.

Lastly, to ensure that you make the right purchase, you need to find a reliable jeweler. Be it online or offline, you need to be very particular when choosing a jeweler.  Check out the reviews and contact them to find out their warranty and return policies. Also, you need to check if the jeweler is giving you certification for the lab-grown diamonds. This documentation should be from a reputed lab.