How to use storage facilities effectively

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Businesses often have a lot of stuff and need a place to store it. Customers are not impressed if you have a lot of material laying around, and it does look like a mess no matter how you dress it up. Commercial self-storage units could be the solution for storing items your business needs but does not need at the moment.

There are companies that will come and get your material, take it to their facility and store it for you. That is pretty convenient, and you will be able to one of the commercial self-storage units you are renting anytime you want. You may need to get something that is in storage, and that is where some organizing will come into play.

As much as possible it is good to use small to medium size boxes for storage. The key is to keep each box labeled as far as its contents. A key tip is to keep a master list of all of your stored items. Number each box and put the number of the box and list its contents on the master sheet you keep at your office. This way you will know which box anything is in, so you will be able to find it easily.

Smaller boxes are easier to stack. They also hold up better and are not as likely to bend or get crushed by boxes on top of them. Another tip for your commercial self-storage units is to plan a layout for your unit. For instance, you might put all the files and papers against one wall. Put books against another wall. Put the same types of things together.

If you plan and organize your layout you can get more inside the storage unit, and that will help you find things later. You might also want to draw a map of your master plan and keep it at the storage unit. This will make it easier for you to find things, and if you need to send someone to get something, they will be able to find it easier too.

Take the time to label every box with its contents. You may need to repack some things as you organize what you put in storage. It may seem tedious to label everything, have a list, and draw a map, but when you have to find something obscure or small, you will be glad you have that list.

Commercial self-storage units can be of great use for your business in keeping items out of your way until you need them. The key is to organize the things you are storing in such a way that you can easily find individual items when you need them.