Label Requirements for Food Product Distribution and Sales – Everything You Need to Know

Food labels are vastly different from all other labels. It is because of the government intervention in it for the health and safety of the society as well as to boost the economy. Each country has a special body regulating these labels. For instance, in the U.S., it is governed by the FDA. Here, we would throw light on some of the basic elements that must be present in the label without which the food cannot be marketed for sale.

  • Statement of Identity or Principal display content

It is a must-have component of the label meant for food. It includes the food name or product name, its logo as well as its net quantity. They need to be clear and highly visible on the label and thus occupies more space compared to other components of the label. It is made mandatory so that consumers can easily identify the food that they want to buy because of its large display.

  • Product category

The food label must clearly mention what type of food is contained in the package like sauce, pasta, dairy product, pre-cooked food, and others. One also includes details like vegetarian/non-vegetarian; organic or free range etc. If the product has certification from any authorized body; it must also be mentioned as it helps establish credibility with the consumers.

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  • Manufacturing details

The food label must have important manufacturing details as well as the name and place of manufacture along with the manufacturer number. As it is a food item; the date of manufacture and the best date before which it needs to be consumed must also be given. If a barcode is present; it must be clearly visible and easily scan-able by the barcode reader.

  • Detailed product information

Because it is a food product; it is vital that detailed information about it needs to be provided. The first information you need to provide is the name of all the ingredients present in the product including their measure. The volume and name of minerals and vitamins must also be mentioned. Next, the typical serving size, as well as the caloric value of the food, must be explicitly mentioned. The label must also mention the trans-fat content as it is considered risky for the heart. The Food administration authorities have recognized eight foods as top allergens. Their presence must also be specifically mentioned along with a statutory warning. It is the most complex part of the food label and takes maximum time.

Thus, when creating food labels for your brand, you should know exactly what you want them to look like. Apart from putting all the above information, you also need to make sure that they look attractive so that people become interested in purchasing them. Food labels help you create an identity of your brand.