New advancements in container shipment tracking

The trend today for each industry is to conceptualise and elevate the current means of carrying out business processes. With artificial intelligence slowly taking over all human-led tasks, the digitisation of shipment tracking is now no longer an exception.

Most companies, for the longest time, invested in hiring and training a dedicated team, specifically to keep a tab on the various containers that are scheduled to be shipped out, what products each container carries and where each container shipment is supposed to reach. But according to the recent growth of the export industry, it is fairly unreasonable to demand human beings to have the capacity to take charge of such important logistic operations that contribute to a major attribute of the entire supply chain.

New Potential Introductions in Container Shipment Tracking

Container Shipment Tracking software and systems

At present, globalisation has taken over the world, resulting in intensified export and import transactions all around the globe. In the light of the same, multiple container shipment tracking software and systems have been introduced in the market to tempt companies and businesses to excel and ultimately get the advantage of being a market dominator. Additionally, a well intact tracking system will aid logistics and operations within the business. Key features of such tracking software and systems include:

  • Transparency between all parties involved
  • Better customer relationships
  • Availability of barcode or RFID scanning
  • Well equipped with Artificial intelligence

Smart Containers

Just as the name suggests, smart containers are going to be the future of the industry. Smart containers are said to be completely driven by advancement in technology and are potentially on an upward spiral of growth as with each new introduction in technology, these self-sufficient containers will only reach greater heights. The characteristics of these smart containers are as follows:

  • Advanced container tracking
  • Improved security
  • Increased efficiency
  • GPS has driven better monitoring

Connected vessels and vehicles

Advancement in technology has given birth to the most appreciated 5G network. The rate at which companies are rapidly adopting the 5G network is exceptionally high. 5G network would enable multiple systems and operations to take place side-by-side without hindering each other’s efficiency. One common example of how this will work is through live cameras or onboard devices through which the container shipment can be tracked more accurately.

  • Improved decision making
  • Better management of end to end supply chains
  • Simplified shipment visibility on multiple carriers
  • Ease of communication between all parties like home base, manufacturers, end customers etc.


As far as the corporate world is concerned, the use of sensors has highly automated the process of tracking information like recording in-time, out-time, body temperature etc. Similarly, if such sensors are present at all ports, the tracking of the container shipment will become easier as the exact and accurate time of arrival and departure will be recorded on the system. Additionally, the health of the container can also be determined with the help of a sensor, which can result in recognising the need for container maintenance when necessary.

The future is technology

The key reason behind having a solid container shipment tracking system is to have the convenience and liberty of locating where your goods are, at any given time of the day.

Just like every other industry, the shipment industry is also on the rise and is experiencing high demand. Especially today when the world is trapped in a pandemic, the human interaction with operational processes has minimised greatly. The proposed advancements for container shipment tracking are all automated processes, carried out and controlled by technology alone with very little or no human activity requirement. Traders have started to adopt these new technologies to keep better track of their shipments.