Popular Types of PR Work  

Public relations offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for people looking to learn about media relations and enthusiastic about assisting companies in promoting their brands. Within public relations there are a wide range of job opportunities and choice – with options suitable for a wide array of people, and that is why we are here today – To provide a list of all of the most popular public relations jobs for people to consider! Here goes…

Publicist – Publicists can be either agency based or work as part of in-house teams, working directly with clients to help develop and execute amazing brand strategies. Publicists are in addition responsible for creating publicity campaigns and for identifying the greatest ways to promote their client’s brands to the press, the public and their customers. Some publicists even work with celebrities in order to promote their personal brands and professional protects.

Copywriter – PR copywriters are responsible for writing publicity and marketing materials on behalf of their clients. Copywriter’s within the PR world can be responsible for creating everything from press releases to blog posts typically include as just part of a complete PR strategy. Copywriters are responsible for maintain consistent online branding for their clients.

PR Specialist – PR specialists are responsible for generating positive press coverage for their clients through developing relationships with journalists and coming up with relevant and high quality story pitches which are both newsworthy and representing their clients in the most positive lights. One of the greatest things and PR specialists is that they can usually get their articles published straight into Google News.

Social media manager – Social media managers are often requited within the public relations industry, again with options for people to work for agencies or as part of in-house teams. Social media specialists are responsible for promoting their client’s brands on social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Social media managers need to keep up to date with all social media channels, with the best practices on social media changing on an almost weekly basis.

 Spokesperson – A spokesperson is responsible for making statements on behalf of their clients publically.  People looking to be PR spokespeople should be confident and boast exceptional communication skills.

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