Red Ball 4 – Simple Android and TV BOX Game

A red Adorable looking ball hero is going to take you on fun and fantastic missions in Red ball 4. You as red ball have to save its world from turning into a Square! Yeah that’s right, we are on a shaping battlefield on this one. We are going to charge in and destroy those nasty looking minions who are the main enemies in Red Ball 4 TV Game. These square shaped little devils want to squeeze Red ball’s circular planet into a square! By no means is that going to happen when the game’s cool features have our backs! You get to use from tricky traps to epic boss battles to runs to jumps and roll a feature which set the game mode on a super challenging atmosphere and also, makes you a victorious player by eliminating those wicked little minions. Now who doesn’t like a boss fight in a game right? There is also an educational side to this game as this excites and encourage kids of all ages. Kids engaging in an educational game are a happy sightfor all parents. Shapes are more exciting when kids play and learn with them.

Red ball 4 is a fantastic simple game available for Android TV boxes. This is a light weight simple game support all most all TV boxes since many TV boxes does not have high performance. You can install this game using play store, Amazon App Store, Filelinked or by using Aptoide TV.

This game also available for Android phones via play store, AC Market and etc. If you are unable to download this using play store, do not download red ball 4 apk. Using an app store install apps and games will ensure it future updates and features. Make sure to install this game using your favorite app store.

Red Ball Android Game

This game has hyped tons of users. Most of them have left in such recommending comments as feedback that it definitely makes you believe you are about click on a well deserving game as you hit that “ install button”. This is a paid game, you got a month’s time of free trial by Google play pass subscription and thereafter you got to purchase it to unlock ,play and experience the war of shapes!. The graphics, music and features are really great so it’s totally worth your time and money. You can either use Google play store or login to to access and play Red ball 4. It’s only a dollar and 99 cents such a fair price!

With so many pros about red ball 4 there is only single con about it and that is the amount of lives it has.It has five lives and recharging them back seems to take quite some time which is the only disappointment among red ball 4 loving users.

Red ball 4 was developed in 2014 by FDG Entertainment. The game was updated back on 2020. Highest number of users who have downloaded this game are from Turkey. However, the country in which it was developed is Germany. The latest estimation as of April 2021 shows that there are 2 Million downloads done so far with a very intriguing revenue of 2K. It’s simply a success.

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