Take Care of Your Whiteboard by these 3 Helpful Tips

If you have a whiteboard, you need to keep a tad bit of a maintenance on it to keep it using for years and keep it looking as new as it was in the first place. Maybe you are wondering about the same on how to do it. To save you time and money, all you need is quick and easy 123ink dry erase boards maintenance to keep it running in the long run. Learn to keep this into routine and you got this covered. Follow the tips below to get started.

  1. Always use the right markers on your whiteboard

This is the numero uno thing you should do to keep your whiteboard in a top notch state. Ensure to use only those markers which are meant for dry erase boards. Check on the pen if it says it is a dry erase marker or not. Ensure to never use highlighters, sharpies, or Mr. Sketch markers at all. If done then good luck getting rid of it off the surface.

  1. Erase the board on a daily basis

After you use the right markers, using the ideal eraser is also a must. Ensure to use eraser particularly meant for whiteboard use only. They are non-abrasive and they get rid of dry erase ink better than any random towel or rag can ever do. Also, ensure to clean your whiteboard on a daily basis. This will keep the whiteboard away from getting stained by any means. When you want to erase something you just wrote on the board, ensure to wait for at least 10 seconds, then erase it. You need to give some time for the ink to dry and it also erases well when it is not wet.

  1. Always use a commercial cleaner

It is very easy to clean a whiteboard, particularly when you are using a commercial cleaner. There are many kinds of whiteboard cleaners available. There is also a cleaner that will get rid of the permanent ink left by some other kind of marker which is not meant for the whiteboard. Also, never be too compelled to use items like baby oil, nail polish, WD 40 or any other kinds of liquids to clean the board. Apart from damage, it can be harmful for your health as well.

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