The Process to become ISO for Merchant Services

Initial step to become an ISO for merchant services: Meet to understand and respond to your needs, your motivations and your constraints.

Understand Why You Need ISO Certification

The first step that precedes any work is to understand precisely your needs in order to meet them as accurately as possible. Indeed, companies can embark on a certification process for very different reasons, among the most frequent:

  • The requirement of a customer to be satisfied who wants your company to be certified to continue working with you
  • The group to which your company belongs wants its subsidiary to be certified
  • An essential prerequisite for a call for tenders
  • The need for the leaders of your company to improve its organization
  • A need in a strong competitive context to obtain an additional advantage
  • Make yourself known internationally and thus be perceived as a legitimate actor and therefore worthy of trust

Depending on your motivation, the appropriate response will vary. For example, a company that must present an ISO 9001 certificate number in a tender dossier in 7 months will aim to bring its processes into conformity at a rapid pace and everyone can understand it, especially if the winning this call for tenders is vital. If you are wondering about how to become a registered iso of Wells Fargo then let us assure you that there are options for that also.

On the other hand, a business manager who notices that an organization needs to be improved and uses the pretext of a Quality approach to structure his action plan does not necessarily have time pressure. He will then choose certification as a goal to motivate his troops. It will focus on the analysis of each service, interactions between its processes, and situations that deserve to be asked about the best way to proceed. In this case, being accompanied by an experienced consultant will allow him to benefit from a fresh eye, because he is outside, and to more easily highlight his avenues for progress.

The ISO 9001 standard will then serve as a guide for its action. The initial meeting between the consultant and the business manager and the Quality manager is also essential to assess the resources that you can mobilize internally and adapt the support.

Make an inventory and deduce the work to be done during an informal audit

This first contact with the teams allows the consultant to get to know the different actors of the company and to know their role. It also enables a better understanding of the internal organization of the company and the issues arising therefrom. This first study will result in the general action plan that should be deployed to eliminate any gaps that may exist between your company’s current organization and the compliance requirements of ISO 9001. The presentation of the action plan to the teams will give the consultant the opportunity to demystify the standard.

A standard too often seen as a pile of obscure rules associated with “paperwork”, when in reality, it is only good practices for organization and management in a company. It is often on this occasion, when the consultant explains without jargon and with simple ideas the work to be done that those present feel relieved and that adhesion is made. Answers to questions and objections, clarifications on the future are essential for the integration of the consultant by your work teams.