Tips to Increase Traffic on Website by Using some of the Proven Methods

Since the ushering in of the internet era, digital marketing has virtually taken over the conventional marketing norms. This coup make has made the online presence of your business indispensable for running a successful business. Your website is the reflection of your business online, the higher the traffic, the more will be the customers that it generates.

One of the effective and proven ways to generate high-value customers is to get your business registered in an online business directory. Bleen is one of the best online business directories in Australia. They host a huge array of businesses ranging from diesel mechanics to vehicle detailing services. These services are compartmentalized in a very orderly fashion.

The audience can easily navigate thru using different filters which sort the business on various factors such as experience, stream of business, etc.

Elements for increasing the website traffic effectively

10 ways to increase traffic to your website - ShareThis

1- Incorporate SEO – SEO is a determinant of your rank on SERP. if your webpage is SEO friendly, it will naturally gain good ranks in the SERP which will invite huge traffic. Some of the tricks of using SEO are using high-traffic keywords, developing a responsive website, writing holistic content, etc.

2- Use long-tail keywords – even though the long-tail keywords attract lesser traffic than that generated by high-value keywords, but the conversion rates of these long-term keywords are of great value. Incorporating them in the website is definitely worth the shot. For example, longer keywords like car windscreen replacement in Sydney can be of more help in reaching out to locally targeted audience.

3- Write content that is of high value – today, everyone craves value. Even if you are advertising, your Ad must be of value to the audience. In that case, even though your sole motive is to drive more conversions, your content must be highly educational and must add value to your audience. Only then will it be able to gather audiences’ minds.

Easily digestible content with attractive headlines is ranked much higher than ordinary content.

4- Start using Google my business – running a successful business without using the overreaching services of Google seems like a distant memory these days. With the help of Google my business, you appear in the local search queries which can generate huge traffic and conversions for your business.

5- Build good backlinks – backlinks are the links to your website, which are hosted on other websites. If some reputed and high-value web pages are hosting your backlinks, it will naturally increase the public confidence in your favour which would ultimately result in great traffic.

6- Create a responsive website – a majority of internet users today access internet via their phones. This makes your websites’ mobile responsiveness indispensable for good traffic. the content on your website must be able to adjust by itself with changing screen size.

7- Subscribe to reputed online directories – online directories are a great way to boost the organic traffic on your page. Since the audience on online business directories already has an intention to purchase, it becomes easy for you to generate a conversion if you are listed on a reputed online business directory.


Generating high traffic on business websites is a tricky task by applying the right strategy to make is a bit easier. To run a successful business in Australia, your business must be present on a reputed online list of Australian businessesThis will help you a lot in the long run.