Transport goods with the safety of pallet

A pallet is a form of packaging that has a flat structure. It used to ship consignments without causing any damage to the goods. It is a platform used as a base to assemble, store, and stack goods for transportation. A superstructure is attached to the bottom deck that provides support to the base of the pallet. They are secured by strapping, shrink wrap, pallet collar, etc. to provide utmost protection to the unit loaded. You can buy pallet from any local supplier, or you can also buy pallets in Southampton where you can get good quality pallets.

While selecting a pallet few things should be considered

  • Reusable: Our ecosystem is degrading with every passing day. It is our duty to use products that are easily reusable to save our ecosystem. Pallets are also available in a material that can be recycled and reused. Reusing and recycling also reduce the cost of expenditure as you do not have to make any new investment.
  • Block or stringer pallet: Pallets can be easily classified into two types of block pallets and stringer pallets. Block pallets give you more directions for the entry of the goods. However, stringer pallets allow entry only through two ways.
  • Latest trends: Pallet trends includes changes in the usability and durability of the pallet. New and improved pallets can carry loads easily. Latest pallets have auto-ID and sensors on pallets.

Types of pallets

  • Block pallet: These pallets have four entries that make them accessible from all sides. Block pallets are made of plastic, wood, metal, etc. It has parallel and perpendicular stringers for efficient handing.
  • Double face pallet: Pallets are generally available in two styles one being single faced and the other being double-faced. Double face pallets have decks at the top as well as at the bottom. These pallets are available in two types reversible and non-reversible.
  • Solid deck pallet: Solid deck pallet has a large sheet as a base that has no space in between. They are easy to handle and clean and hence are the most preferred choices of the customers.