Using Portable Evaporative Air Coolers In Business Settings

When the weather is hot, productivity at work may be significantly affected. Thus, cooling options are necessary. They can apply for use in small, medium, or large-sized business places.

The size and rating of evaporative cooler units to be used will depend on a few factors such as:

  1. Estimated area of your business place: portable evaporative air coolers are rated in CFM, which is the volume of air delivered in cubic feet per meter. A recommended type of ventilator for installation in a business place will be one that has the exact or similar rating to cover the entire space. For example, it may be futile to use an evaporative cooler rated 5000 CFM per hour in a large office room measuring over 60 by 100 feet.
  2. Security measures: Some offices are operated under the strictest security measure. Maybe the windows and doors may not be left open at any time as the building will be on full security. That may make it difficult to deploy evaporative coolers for use.
  3. Individual preference: Some offices may prefer to install a central evaporative cooler, just like a central air conditioner. Some offices may deploy several smaller evaporative air coolers in a large space to increase the cooling effect. Some workers may prefer to use the smaller desktop evaporative coolers.

All these influences the choice of the type of portable evaporative air coolers to use.


Installation of Evaporative Coolers in Business Settings

The evaporative air cooler used must be deployed to enhance smooth operations for the business. To this end, the cooling units should be :

  1. Positioned out of the way: Evaporative air coolers must be placed in a location that allows free flow of air, but also allows unrestricted movement of customers and workers within the office. If people have to side-step the cooling unit every time they come what way, they may feel irritated and eventually get dissatisfied. Imagine having to dodge around a cooling unit each time you need to approach the bank teller.
  2. Maintained regularly to forestall a breakdown during working hours.
  3. Deployed in areas where there are more people e.g., a banking hall or a workshop.

Portable evaporative air coolers are quite advantageous to business; you should consider installing some at your business place. They are cheaper than air conditioners and cost far less in maintenance and energy costs.