Veritas Global Protection Shares 4 Reasons for a Vehicle Service Contract

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There they are on the dealer’s desk: the keys to your new vehicle. They’re just as shiny as your brand new baby, and you are itching to get them in your hands.

Then the dealer makes the offer: How about a vehicle service contract?

It’s brand new, so why would you need to think about car problems now? Whether it’s being offered through the car dealership or through a company like Veritas Global Protection, here are a few things that a serious car owner should consider.

Reason #1: New Vehicles Are Not Problem-Proof

Like that microwave or flashlight that didn’t work straight out of the box, new vehicles can still have issues. Remember that a car is the sum of many parts, and all it takes is one part to be out of order to render the whole thing useless. 

Reason #2: Expands on Car Insurance

A vehicle service contract isn’t the fifth wheel of protection. Your auto insurance functions based on how you drive and how other drivers behave around you. A vehicle service contract, like the kind issued by Veritas Global Protection, functions based on the performance of the vehicle. 

So rather than hinting that your vehicle could be a dud, a vehicle service contract guarantees that it will be a good product come what may. The automobile engine overheats due to a faulty part or poor construction? The service contract gets you back on the road without robbing you. 

Reason #3: Much Softer Than an Unexpected Repair Bill

When a vehicle inevitably develops an issue, odds are that the repair bill will run to the tune of $500 or $600. True, that’s not always the case. But that’s the average range according to AAA.

A vehicle service contract is very affordable and the expenses are scheduled, unlike Repair Bill Roulette. The rates offered by Veritas Global Protection are especially competitive. 

Reason #4: Preserves Resale Value

A vehicle service contract will keep some of the resale value from leaking out of your car. Many contracts are transferable. What price would you put on a car with a written guarantee that it will continue functioning rain or shine? Exactly. Even if a vehicle service contract isn’t transferable, it at least keeps your car or vehicle in top-notch shape until it changes hands.

Veritas Global Protection offers a range of contracts that can keep the helium in your vehicle’s resale value. 

A Guarantee You Shouldn’t Drive Without

If you bought an entire milkshake, would it make sense to leave off the cherry? Of course not. You’ve already invested so much so you may as well get the finishing touch that completes the package. 

A vehicle service contract is that cherry on top that sweetens the deal and guarantees a delicious experience.

Such a contract may seem like one more expense to groan over after already laying down so much money on the car, but something will be missing without it. And what’s more bitter than an unexpected breakdown compounded with an unexpected repair bill?

Call Veritas Global Protection for a cherry on top of your vehicle that will promise an extra level of enjoyment and peace of mind.