Video Production – Master The Three Building Blocks And Bring Out The Creative Director In You

We all watch visual content on Television, Cinema halls, Smartphones, and other electronic devices. With the advent of 4G/5G technology watching videos on next-generation smartphones has made it very addictive and visually satisfying. The smartphones come with multiple front and back cameras and resolutions. Shooting our daily life events like birthday parties, family events, outings with friends, playing a sports match, exercising at home, gardening, repairing your car, cooking in the kitchen, DIY videos, educational coaching videos, and so on becomes simple. Have you wondered you want to produce a video? That is appealing across the globe and has an audience? A video without barriers of language or region or religion or caste. Then you need to understand and deeply work on the three basic building blocks of video production. The three building blocks of video production are pre-production, actual production, and post-production.

Video production step one pre-production consists of visualization, planning, awakening creativity. The objectives, the message conveyed, resources, strategy, casting, location scouting, scripting, timeline, scheduling, the list is endless and depends on your imagination. Pre-production builds the foundation. If the foundation has a strong base, the other steps will automatically fall in place. The pre-production step takes the maximum time and does not compromise on the time spent for pre-production. Rushing towards a video release without proper pre-production will lead to disaster. What we call a box office failure! Have a storyboard created, just like software engineers build on a flowchart.

The production step in video production happens smoothly if all the checkboxes in pre-production get ticked efficiently. The actual shoot happens. You need to be an expert in understanding the lighting process and set it up. This step brings out the director in you. You need to set the camera rolling. Always stick to the schedule drawn out in the pre-production stage. As we are directing, we tend to get carried away and try unnecessary things. Cost overrun and also could lead to issues with cast and crew. Shoot extra footage called B-roll footage. It, footage in locations, camera angles of cast, crew, and other technical staff. Who knows, it may be handy in the post-production stage.

The post-production stage is where the pieces of your effort come together. Editing, tailoring the video according to the script planning. The best scenes or shots, B-footage fitting, length control need addition. You would require the help of good video editing software. Do get one. Add graphics, animated text, and animation to enhance the quality and presentation. Music, both background and inscript, needs seamless addition. Background music addition is crucial. The music theme should match with the script and dialogues. Voice over needs to be fitted. Do it yourself, or get someone with a baritone voice for that. Finally, distribute and market your hard work.

Video production is just not picking up the next generation smartphone or camera and randomly shoot. It’s sheer hard work needed. Follow the three steps of video production then your efforts will pay off successfully. Go ahead. Master the three building blocks and bring out the creative director in yourself.