What Options You will have to for the Essay Choices Now

The headline did not encourage reading? Then it can still save the teaser. If there were not the following errors:

Too long: a teaser should briefly and concisely “antessen” the article and ideally not be longer than three to four lines.

Initiate instead of anteasern: A teaser is not an introduction to a text, but should emphasize important points of the article and make you want to read on. With the completely free essays online you can have the best choices now.

Boring: Who, what, where, when – important points of an article can also entertaining antesern. Do not address the reader: Why should I as a reader continue to read this article if I’m not addressed?

The snippet

Good content marketing content delivers the snippet right away. However, if it contains the following errors, you should return it.

Does not return the text: The snippet is the business card of your text. It should only contain what is dealt with thematically in the article. The same applies to the tonality: no flippantly formulated snippet for a serious adviser content and no excessive dryness for entertaining content.

Does not appeal to the reader: It is interesting that bad texts are bad, but what does that mean for me as a reader? Ideally, the reader should always be addressed with a snippet.

Is identical to the title: Title and heading are subject to different requirements and therefore should not be identical.

Wrong keyword targeting: Without going too deeply into the keyword theme , the keyword targeting and use of the main and secondary keywords in the snippet must be consistent.

Selling instead of information: Snippets for shop landing pages and snippets for content marketing content – that’s one and the same thing. Wrong thinking, because Content Marketing content is the content of an article to be advertised, it is less about a specific product, service or the like.

  • Man with books while writing.
  • The text construction must be perfect.

The structure

You want that your readers do not get lost in text deserts? Then your article should avoid these mistakes in the structure.

Text deserts: I would like to have a text block without intermediate headings and paragraphs. Hardly a reader will announce that. Make sure that your articles are easily scanned and that your eyes do not get tired while reading.

Intermediate headings without a statement: Intermediate headlines should inform the reader about what is covered in the following section. For this reason, it is important that intermediate headings fit the following section. Also of importance: The right SEO-technical use of headings. Luisa reveals in her article “SEO & headlines what is really important?”.

Long paragraphs: Paragraphs are there to divide an article content into easily digestible appetizers. For your readers to capture information well, a paragraph should not contain more than an idea or information.

Thematic leapiness: An article is not an enigmatic labyrinth. Instead of confusing the reader, the copywriter should pick him up. In the structure, it is therefore important that a red thread is recognizable and the content builds on each other. For this reason, it always makes sense, especially for more complex content, if you prepare a concept for the copywriter (or he for you) before writing the text.