Which is the most suitable waiter jacket for open-air events?

The summer season is the most suitable time to celebrate a wedding  party in the garden or a corporate cocktail at the poolside. Even during the wintertime, many hotels and restaurants allow you to organize your open-air private events. 

You will need to take care of every detail according to the season, of course. From the location to the menu and the staff uniforms. For example, the waiter jacket will have to respect some rules about fabrics, colors and design if you want to help your guests to distinguish the waiters from the guests wearing an elegant jacket too. As we all know, professional clothes have a duality of purpose, aesthetic and practical, so it is necessary to choose the right one in order to identify what people do and to help your guests to clearly understand it.

If you are the Event Manager or a Wedding Planner, you may like to know that Hotels Manager can choose between several models and fabrics for the  staff uniforms so you should ask them information about it while looking for the perfect location.

Let’s discover which is the most suitable waiter jacket for the open-air events and how it pairs with the others waiter and waitress official clothes.

A waiter jacket for every season and role

If you are planning a cocktail party set in the garden of an historic villa on a summer afternoon, then the waiters will have to wear the classic cream color jacket suitable for either banquets or lunches. This is the hotel restaurant model par excellence and it is worn by the chef de rang and the commis de rang. They are not two simple waiters but they are in charge of more difficult activities and responsibilities.  

The chef de rang has a very delicate role because he or she is the one who takes orders and talks with the guests. The commis de rang helps the chef de rang. Both must dress impeccably as well as their way of speaking and serving the guests must be polite. The success of your event also depends on this aspects. The classic color cream jacket perfectly fits both with pants and skirts so it is the standard uniform both for men and women.

If you are planning a breakfast in the garden on Sunday morning, the right choice will be the cream color jacket with the mandarin collar. This model is suitable both for waiters and waitress and it could be adorned with gold epaulets or contrasting collar and cuffs.

We would like to suggest you this solution if you are planning an event with dozens of guests so that the number of waiters and waitress the hotel restaurant will provide you could be not enough. The mandarin collar model is particularly indicated for extra waiters since it do not requires the use of a shirt.

What about the wintertime? If you are planning a Christmas charity on a terrace, for example, then the waiters will have to wear a uniform made of a jacket and trousers of the same color. Usually, Black is the most suitable color for evening events even if they are set open-air, especially the most elegant and polished ones.