Workers’ Compensation Claim Under Investigation in Virginia?

Insurance agent regrets to inform victim about refusal to pay compensation

Workers’ have the right to seek financial compensation for the injuries they incur during work. When you file for the claim, you must deal with a long and complex procedure. The insurance company will try to reduce, deny, or delay your claim with multiple tactics. Therefore, a Virginia work injury lawyer can ensure that you overcome the wicked techniques by the insurance company and get a deserving compensation. 

What does it mean when your claim is under investigation?

When your workers’ compensation claim in Virginia is under investigation, it means the company will pay less or nothing for the medical care until they investigate your case thoroughly. Additionally, the investigation can happen anytime during the procedure, but mainly, it is conducted at the beginning of the process. 

One of the prime reasons your workers’ compensation can go under investigation is that the company may suspect that you are trying to commit fraud to get financial compensation or exaggerate your injuries for the fraud. However, sometimes the company may also suspect the employer of committing fraud, such as denying paying the claim. 

What will happen during the investigation of workers’ compensation claims?

During the investigation, the insurance company will likely hire a private investigator, or one of their agents will surveil you. During this procedure, the insurance adjuster will gather evidence for your injuries to prove that you are not as injured as you claim to be. For instance, if you claim that you have sustained a spinal cord injury, the insurance company will try to gather video footage or pictures where you are looking fine and look at various activities you indulged in. 

Additionally, there will be a background check from your previous employers and workplace to see if you have a history of filing for the workers’ compensation benefits. In case it happens, your background check will be used against you to deny your claim. 

Furthermore, your social media will play a vital role. Sometimes, even if you post an old video that does not have a date on it, the company can use the video against you. What is worse, even if you believe your account is private, the insurance company will somehow find the videos and photos you post online. Therefore, you should stay off social media until your final results on the claim arrive. 

If your workers’ compensation is under investigation, consult a workers’ compensation injury lawyer who can guide you on all the dos and don’ts.